Dr. Becky’s Bundles making a difference in early learning

A game-changing early literacy product has launched just in time for holiday gifting. Dr. Becky’s Bundles provide accessible early literacy books, toys, and guidance based on over 20 years of scientific research and professional experience for teachers and parents of children ages 1-5. The first bundle, "Bear's Applesauce Picnic", utilizes Becky's original story and deep knowledge of early learning and development to create a complete and enriching experience. Becky embedded tips on every page to guide the user for a more enriching developmental experience.

The co-founders, Jane Kim, an elementary school teacher, and Rebecca Landa, PhD, a developmental scientist at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, have developed a fun and educational bundle that enhances brain development through social skills, play, and language in a convenient bundle for teachers and parents. Dr. Becky’s Bundles include an original storybook with embedded tips prompting gesture and imitation, language, and play and 15 story-related props to promote meaningful early literacy experiences at every storytime.

"The kids started using the book bundle toys and props in ways that I had never imagined they would.  This fostered their open-ended play and imagination and elevated their learning to a whole new level.  Plus everything is SO EASY to use!!”


- E R I C A  C U R R Y

Malaika Early Learning Center, Milwaukee WI

"Working with Dr. Landa transformed my staff's teaching. We can't wait to use the new book bundles!”


- D R .  K I M  B R A N C A T O

Appoquinimink Preschool Center

Appoquinimink School District

Even the development of the product bundles remained true to the co-founders’ commitment to learning advocacy. Jane and Becky teamed up with the mission to provide accessible and fun early literacy tools for children ages 1-5. Jane realized the creation of the storybook illustrations and the company branding could be a learning experience for the students at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She coordinated the entire creative development with a team of students providing a robust real-world experience. Every aspect of the bundles from the illustrations to the toy props were prototyped and repeatedly tested by the team including a network of friends, relatives, education professionals, and preschoolers across the country. The professional offering and quality is evident and unlike any other product out there. Dr. Becky's bundle is easy, fun, and promotes early literacy.

"There is something magical about being able to tell the story of a new brand. For our team of students at MIAD, designing for Dr. Becky's has been an exciting experience.”


- M A L L O R Y  K U B E N I K

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Art Director / Designer

The initial roll-out has begun to rave reviews from teachers, language specialists, and parents. The adorable bear backpacks arrive filled with the original storybook with embedded tips and 15 story-related props that will transform storytime into an effective early learning experience making it a perfect gift for parents, teachers, or children under age 5.

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Dr. Becky’s promotes early literacy through fun, easy, and accessible bundles for children ages 1-5. Based on scientific research and over 20 years of clinical and personal experience in learning development, Dr. Becky’s Bundles enhances brain development through social skills, play, and language for teachers and parents to provide a fun, easy, and meaningful early literacy experience with every storytime.