Dr. Becky recommends reading the book with your child a few times before introducing the toys. Be sure to gesture the words as prompted by the cues, but don’t try to use all the language and play tips in one reading. Bring the toys out a

few at a time. As your child learns the story and shares more ideas, don’t worry

about finishing every page, encourage the conversation and play. Notice how their understanding develops and extends the story. Fuel imagination by adding to the toys, carrying the bundle to new places and talking about the story, props, and activities outside of playtime. We’d love to hear what works for you!

These language tips help your child learn new words and new ways to combine words to think and talk about the story Once familiar with the story, offer more chances for your child to talk.

Use these tips to help your child learn more complex play skills and gain practice turning their ideas into words and actions.

These tips help you spotlight story events and vocabulary. To help your child’s concept and vocabulary development, make the suggested gesture and wait for your child to imitate.