As educators, we believe learning to read should be accessible to all.

Dr. Becky’s bundles are based on 25 years of research and practice to bring research-based educational techniques to teachers, parents, and caregivers, promoting early literacy for children everywhere.

Dr. Becky’s bundles encourage early reading readiness through strategic cues and prompts that are easy for any parent, teacher, or caregiver to enjoy with children. Unleash the magic of story time!

I began imagining accessible tools and strategies for families, childcare providers, and teachers. We have developed bundles that bring optimal educational techniques to teachers, parents, and caregivers, promoting brain development and learning for children everywhere. These exciting, fun, and powerful learning tools are accessible to every home, childcare center, and school. I am thrilled to bring my expertise of early learning to you and wish you hours of fun reading with your child.

Dr. Rebecca (Becky) Landa
Professor, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Vice President, Kennedy Krieger Institute where she is Founder and Executive Director of the
Center for Autism and Related Disorders
Co-Founder, Dr. Becky’s

Dr. Becky’s is a culmination of my research and clinical practice. As a speech-language pathologist, I am passionate about early literacy and reading acquisition as the foundation of lifelong learning success. I was fortunate to direct federally funded research leading to breakthroughs in understanding learning mechanisms in children and best practices to enrich learning. My experience teaching professional educators around the world about these discoveries and methods to incorporate them into everyday teaching inspired me to bring these successful strategies to every child.

As a second grade teacher, my goal was always to inspire learning by creating genuine interest and excitement in the classroom. I found that learning by doing is always the best way to inspire young children. As a mother of four, I loved watching my kids find “their thing” that motivated them, but I also realized that so many learning opportunities happen in the snippets of time and endless number of small interactions you share with your children. This is magical, but also can be quite overwhelming! Even though I left the formal classroom years ago, I’ve always been passionate about creating the magic of learning for children. This has affected how I raise my children and is at the core of all my community volunteer and philanthropic support activities. 

When I met Rebecca (Becky) Landa at a family function, we immediately realized we share a passion for inspiring children’s learning. A few years ago my sister had her first baby and Becky sent her a gift of a toddler book she had written with guides and toys to help a new mom interact with her baby. As soon as I saw this special book, I realized this was the culmination of all of our discussions- an easy way for parents to meaningfully interact with their children and make learning come to life. I sure wish I had these book bundles when I was a busy mother of four young children! I’m hoping we can share this tool with all caregivers and teachers of young children and anyone else who also wants an easy way to unleash the excitement of learning!


Jane Kim
Co-Founder, Dr. Becky’s